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Martin Adolfsson – Suburbia Gone Wild

© Martin Adolfsson, Whitefield, Bangalore, 2010

Things have been pretty hectic but a bit of calm is here for a little while. My mail has been piling up and I have a lot of interesting work that people and photographers have been sending me and unfortunately couldn’t get to, until now. These next couple of posts will be shorter than usual because I really want to share with you these works and photographers that are new to me. Thanks to everybody that sends their work and their ideas, it is very much appreciated. To start this off, here is Martin Adolfsson‘s Suburbia Gone Wild series.

Adolfsson sees this series as a “search for identity among the new upper middle class in the developing countries around the world.” I find it astonishing to see the similarities with these houses, the manicured yards, the detailed trimmings and the type of decor that the suburbians lean towards. I’m aware that this is a generalization but I’ve visited friends and family that live on the outskirts of the city and I have seen similar trends in types of houses and decoration in and around the house.

I’ve selected images of the exteriors of houses that Adolfsson took but check out the rest of his series because he does go inside to photograph kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms and living rooms.

© Martin Adolfsson, Parkway Chalet, Bangkok, 2010
© Martin Adolfsson, Equestria, Johannesburg 2010

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