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Diane Borsato - The Photograph as Document

Diane Borsato – The Photograph as Document

Mois de la Photo is in full swing. For the next month, Montreal is hosting some stellar exhibits and artists. I’ve had the chance to see some of the exhibits and attend some the artist talks and looking forward to the upcoming events. Last week I caught Diane Borsato‘s talk at Concordia...
The Dead in Photographs

The Dead in Photographs

Rummaging through flea markets this summer, I came upon the portrait of the child above. The picture is a tintype, which was most likely taken in the mid to late 1800s (c.1850 to 1880s). To have a child sitting this still, with such clarity and no movement in the eyes...
Ian Wallace

Ian Wallace

Ian Wallace, an artist and art historian, has been producing, teaching and leading the contemporary photographic art scene in Canada since the late 1960s. I only came across Wallace’s work last year when visiting the National Gallery of Ottawa. The image above was my introduction to his work and this...
The arts? Who needs that?

The arts? Who needs that?

In the past couple of months there has been discussions in the media about art, artists and the funding that artists receive for their projects. Funding for the arts and culture related projects have been an ongoing debate for a while now but it seems that recently there has been...
Krystel Marois - Partir

Krystel Marois – Partir

I was briefly introduced to Krystel Marois‘ work last year and have recently been reminded of her. The series posted here is titled Partir.
Tumblr for Slightly Lucid

Tumblr for Slightly Lucid

I’ve recently started a tumblr blog for Slightly Lucid. I won’t be solely posting photography but rather, I’ll be using the blog to share other findings, events, recently read articles or books and other fun stuff. If you have any interesting blogs or sites that you often visit, send a link. Hope...
Andreas Rutkauskas - Stanstead Project

Andreas Rutkauskas – Stanstead Project

Last Wednesday, accompanied by friends Kate Hutchinson and  Velibor Božović, we set out on a small road trip to attend the opening of, fellow photographer and friend, Andreas Rutkauskas‘ exhibit. Stanstead Project, or how to cross the border is being exhibited at the Foreman Gallery in Lennoxville Quebec. The group exhibit features Rutkauskas along with Ursula Biemann and Christian Philipp Müller....
354 Photographers - Box

354 Photographers – Box

354 Photographers is a collective of two Belgium photographers Maxime Delvaux and Kevin Laloux. The series featured here is titled Box but their work in general reveals cinematographic qualities. These sets are built out of cardboard and the props and furniture placed in the sets are miniatures, which might be made out of...
Mandy Williams - Re-Collect

Mandy Williams – Re-Collect

Memory is a theme that typically shapes my work, so when being introduced to Mandy Williams‘ series Re-Collect, I was not surprised that I was instantly attracted to the work. In this series, Williams dives back in time by resurrecting old journals. After re-reading past events she immersed her diaries in...
Home Away From Home - Jesse Louttit

Home Away From Home – Jesse Louttit

This is a guest post by Montreal photographer Jessica Auer. I’m very excited to have Jessica contribute a post to the blog. You might be familiar with Jessica’s work, here on the blog,  from a previous post in an interview with Louis Perreault. I’ve had the privilege to have Jessica as a...
The photograph as proof

The photograph as proof

What can a photograph mean and how can a photograph prove certain events? Right now for New Democratic Party (NDP) Deputy Leader Thomas Mulcair, it seems to mean quit a bit. I was surprised to hear yesterday morning on CBC radio that Mulcair was clarifying or defending his statements made...
Stephan Tillmans - Leuchtpunktordnungen

Stephan Tillmans – Leuchtpunktordnungen

I stumbled on an article from the Raw File blog featuring German artist Stephan Tillmans and his work Leuchtpunktordnungen, translated luminant-point arrays. As I understand, the images are of analog televisions shutting off.