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Steve Veilleux

© Steve Veilleux - Projet en cours

An awkward set of mannequins with cowboy hats and clean dresses warning us that the place is surveilled by camera; a weird looking capsule (spaceship?) on which one can read “Jessica Nordet Yamaska”; a half constructed house in a field; a coloured terrace in the forest: these and other images from Steve Veilleux’s Work in Progress series adds up to create a mysterious décor for a film to be invented.

© Steve Veilleux - Projet en cours

I discovered the work of Steve Veilleux when he contacted me a year ago, asking if I could help him with his website. I since had the chance to chat with him about his images. I always feel that there is no better way to get to know a body of work than to talk directly to the photographer/artist himself.

Steve Veilleux’s web site is rather sparse for the moment but the two series that are presented show a sensibility for the silenced remnants of intriguing narratives. His Work in Progress series (Projet en cours, in French) shows spaces where time lingers in between events.  We are also between genres: fiction and poetry invade the documentation of rural Quebec in order to leave us with a flow of fragmented moments and spaces hardly linked by content. Rather, what seems to be the unifying element is an approach, a distance, a sort of curiosity vis-à-vis the sense of otherness in place.

© Steve Veilleux - Projet en cours

Steve Veilleux’s photographs will be exhibited at Centre culturel Georges-Vanier, in Montreal, from May 24th to June 19th, along with Alexi Hobbs and Jasmin Daigle’s works. The Vernissage is on Thursday the 24th, if I were you, I would go…


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